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Good Day Folks
hi folks let me introduce myself im mark in 37 years old from bridgend south wales. Currently own 2 ford puma's 1.7 one melina blue the other moondust silver.
At the moment the melina blue is retired for rebuilding work and have things powder coated. They both have the ms design body kit and handle like dreams.
If anyone every needs a hand with any repairs or anything and are near by, I'm always willing to lend a hand and also if a part is needed to donate a part.
Look forward to meeting you guys

[Image: LaTnnvk.jpg]
[Image: zOKM3Yx.jpg]
[Image: Afv9Odk.jpg]
[Image: FmvDu48.jpg]
[Image: 6Gr13op.jpg]

[Image: HvUxjsD.jpg]
[Image: HrfJvIC.jpg]
[Image: qcyyN3T.jpg]
[Image: fYom3s7.jpg][/php]

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